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The Weaning Diaries – Week 1

So, it has begun! This week the boys turned six months and they have had their first tastes of solid food! Guided by The First Foods Book from Ella’s Kitchen, I got busy in the kitchen, making up two purees every other night, freezing them into cubes and then emptying the cubes into freezer bags. I then defrosted a couple of cubes each day, and offered the boys a few spoonfuls each afternoon in between milk feeds when they were happy and alert.

Here are the purees we tried in our first week!

Day 1 – Carrot
Day 2 – Broccoli
Day 3 – Cauliflower
Day 4 – Sweet Potato
Day 5 – Peas
Day 6 – Courgette
Day 7 – Green Beans


It was interesting to see how Douglas and Arthur took to it all very differently.

Douglas was quite reserved and just tried small tastes, which was fine. He enjoyed holding the spoon and ‘doing it himself’ (i.e. catapulting puree everywhere!)

Arthur was a bit more receptive. He was happy to have a fuller spoon, and was more successful at swallowing larger mouthfuls. His favourite was the cauliflower, when he began leaning into the spoon to get it in his mouth quicker!

It’s been a fun week and we’ll be working our way through some more vegetables next week, before we possibly start combining flavours! Also, time to find some coverall bibs – it really does get everywhere!


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