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Toddler Hearing Assessment What To Expect

Toddler Hearing Assessment – What To Expect

As part of evaluating Douglas for a possible social/communication disorder, our paediatrician referred him for a hearing assessment. He explained that whilst he didn’t expect this would show anything to worry about, it would be remiss of him not to…

Two Little Misters

Dear Douglas and Arthur – A Letter From Today

Dear Douglas and Arthur, We went to a new playgroup today. It was in a cavernous hall, and within 10 minutes was absolutely filled with toddlers, babies and adults all milling about. Not that it bothered you. There was…

Living Arrows

Living Arrows 5/52

In the last week, Douglas and Arthur turned 20 months old and it suddenly feels as though their second birthday is not too far away – I’m sure they only turned one yesterday?! Also, they have started to get the…

Newborn Twins Schedule Free Printable

Free Printable: Newborn Twins Schedule

When we arrived home from the hospital after 12 days in the NICU, it’s fair to say we were shattered. Thrilled to be home of course, but very, very tired. The boys were still small (Douglas was 4lb 8oz…

Douglas Reading Ten Little Dinosaurs

Mini Milestones #1

One of my main motivations for starting this blog was, (fairly obviously), my two little misters! I wanted to have a record of their early lives as they grow and change so quickly! Since it was confirmed that Douglas is developmentally delayed…

Living Arrows 452

Living Arrows 4/52

These two LOVE bubbles. We keep a bottle on a (high!) shelf and whenever I ask if they would like some, they nod emphatically and look to the bottle. Douglas likes to have a go at blowing bubbles himself, but this…