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Snow Day Sunday!

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post, and a full update post is definitely on the cards soon! But for now, I just have to share these pictures from the magical snow day we had on Sunday. What a beautiful sight to wake up to! It usually seems that when we get a good amount of snow fall, it’s on a weekday where it causes travel chaos and we can’t enjoy it as a family! So a snowy Sunday was just perfect, especially close to Christmas.

Douglas and Arthur loved it. They exchanged snowballs with the neighbours’ kids, made big footprints in the snow, helped pack snow onto our ‘mo-man’ and laughed when Gracie ate his carrot nose! We watched a festive film in the afternoon with mince pies and hot chocolate (perhaps a mulled wine or two for Mummy and Daddy!!)

Will this become their first memory of snow? I really hope so, because it was pretty damn perfect.

Twins in the snow Twins holding hands in the snow Snowman Toddler snow Toddler snow Snowman Toddler snow Toddler snow Twins walking in the snow Twins walking in snow Toddler in Snow Toddler in Snow

Did you have a snowy weekend too? What did you get up to?

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