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Living Arrows 3/52

Last Friday everyone seemed to be battening down the hatches in readiness for snow to hit the UK. Here, it didn’t really settle, but it was pretty as it fell. It was really too cold to go out and do much that morning, so the boys enjoyed watching it from the window while playing with their toys. It really is quite mesmerising to watch, when you stop, kneel down and see it through a child’s eyes. A very cosy (hygge?) morning.

Arthur Watching SnowDouglas Watching Snow


Did you have a snow day where you live?


Living Arrows


Living Arrows 2/52

It’s been a fairly quiet week here, it still feels as though we’re yet to get fully into the swing of things and not all of our usual groups/classes have started up yet. The boys were colouring the other…

Photography Twins

Autumn in the Park

This weekend has been a bit of a turning point. The boys’ walking has really come on. A few days shy of 17 months old and they are now getting the hang of it! (At last, it feels like…

Photography Twins

A Trip To Hitchin Lavender

Today we decided to take a trip to Hitchin Lavender. The weather forecast wasn’t amazing but we weren’t going to let it stop us… and I thought after a week of terrible naps and (at times) grumpy children, the…

Photography Twins

Spring has Sprung!

Last Wednesday, the boys had their 8-12 month health check with the Health Visitor. All went smoothly and we were done and dusted earlier than expected, so after whizzing back home to give the boys their nap, we headed…


The Siblings Project – February

Nearly 9 months in to this twin mum thing and I’m still shattered! My poor little blog rarely gets a look in these days. But when I discovered ‘The Siblings Project’ linky, I knew then and there that I…