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DIY – A Christmas Photo Gift for under £10

At home, I have a fair few boxes and albums of ‘old’ photos. (By old, I just really mean ‘pre smart phone era’.) They take up space, but to me, memories are really important and so they are deserving of a shelf or two. They are lovely to sift through from time to time.

I love photography and naturally, since the boys came along, I have taken thousands of shots with both my DSLR and iPhone. I love Instagram, it’s fantastic for networking and micro-blogging … but how often do the photos we spend time editing and sharing actually leave our phones or computers?

When I saw the new Retro prints from Photobox, I knew they would lend themselves perfectly to some of my Instagram shots. And with Christmas coming up, I felt a craft project coming on…

Last year, the grandparents and great-grandparents were all thrilled to receive a framed photo of the boys, but this year here’s something a little different. 12 photos, one representing each month of the year. A length of twine and some miniature wooden pegs. Some pretty ribbon and hey presto – a photo bunting kit, ready to present in a gift box as a lovely keepsake for under a tenner. Write a memory on the back of each photo for extra charm.
Christmas Photo Bunting_dsc9811-2

If this gift goes down well (and I’m hoping it will!) I could see it becoming an annual tradition, with little boxes of photos and memories building up year upon year. I think I might also keep a set for Douglas and Arthur. I love the thought of them stumbling upon box full of memories years later and reading what they got up to when they were small!

Christmas Photo Bunting

Do you have any Christmas gift traditions in your family?


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Miniature Wooden Pegs

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