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Mini Milestones #2

Mini Milestones

Twins naturally attract attention when out and about. Thinking back to last year I can recall so many occasions when someone might come over to say hello, or we’d bump into a friend in the street. We’d exchange small talk and they’d say ‘hello’ to the boys. Arthur would almost always give a smile of acknowledgement, whereas Douglas wouldn’t respond. Often people would say he looked tired and that was maybe why he wasn’t smiling. But I knew it wasn’t that.

Over the past few weeks, though, Douglas just seems to be blooming. He initiates interactions, makes more eye contact, nods and shakes his head appropriately to help us know what he wants. He can use gestures to make choices, such as choosing breakfast cereal in the morning. He adores action songs. He is showing more spontaneous affection to all of us, and even cuddles his brother, saying ‘ahhhh.’ I just can’t believe the change.

I took Douglas out on his own this afternoon, just for a quick walk to the local chemist. The assistant came from behind the counter and was really friendly and helpful. She said hello to Douglas, and he smiled back and waved to her! He also high-fived her, and smiled and waved again to say bye-bye. Now, to many those must sound like such small things. But it was such a proud moment for me, and a real milestone that just shows me how far he’s come.

Mini Milestones 2


What ‘mini milestones’ have your children achieved lately?

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