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Review – Philips AVENT SCD560 Baby Monitor

When our second baby monitor in 20 months gave up the ghost, we had to look at buying another. We have never had a video monitor – our choice purely because we would find it too tempting to look at every few seconds! We do have wifi-enabled webcams, but as the signal can easily drop, we’d never rely on these for anything other than an occasional check-up.

Philips AVENT Baby Monitor

Our previous monitors had both been by BT. We’d found the features and usability okay, but had battery issues and problems linking the base and handheld units. So, we decided to switch brands this time. We went for a Philips AVENT (model no. is SCD560) and we’ve been so pleased with it.


The monitor has a good range (50m indoors, 330m outdoors). The battery life is fantastic, up to 18 hours without a charge. It has a temperature sensor so you can dress your children accordingly at bedtime, and the nightlight, if you choose to switch it on, gives a lovely warm glow.

One of my favourite features is the option to adjust the sound sensitivity on the parent unit. If you have a young baby, you may want to listen out for the slightest noise. But for me now, with toddlers, when they are sleeping the last thing I want to hear is monitor static! It would set me on edge all the time. I was always listening out for the slightest rustle of bed sheets or creak of the cots, wondering if they were about to wake up. This monitor can cut out that background noise if you wish, allowing you to hear only what you need to hear.

Philips AVENT Baby Monitor Philips AVENT Baby Monitor

The monitor can play lullabies, controlled from either the base or parent unit. It has a two-way talk button and a pager function if the parent unit goes missing (quite likely if toddlers get hold of it, commandeer it as a phone, and later stuff it down the side of sofa…!) It will also let you know with a warning signal if you go out of range or if the battery is running low.

So far, I haven’t seen any negatives to using this baby monitor, and I don’t think it looks too bad either!



What features do you look for in a baby monitor?



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