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Sleeping Arrangements with our Newborn Twins

When I found out I was expecting twins, after I got my head around the whole ‘growing TWO BABIES AT ONCE and then birthing them’ malarkey, (in hindsight, I think that’s the easy part!), thoughts turned to bringing two babies home, where to put them and all their stuff, and how/where are they going to sleep?

Long before the twins were conceived, in my daydreams of having a singleton, I’d imagine turning the box room into a ‘cosy’ nursery – the perfect size for a cot, changing table and a chest of drawers.

However, expecting twins changed all this and in fact we ended up rearranging the entire first floor to give them the master bedroom (hope you appreciate it, boys!)

What We Did In The Early Days

When we brought the boys home from the hospital, they had a gestational age of 36 weeks and weighed 4lbs 8ozs and 4lbs 12ozs. They were too small for sleeping bags, which can generally be used from 4kg (8lbs 8ozs).

It was early June and a warm summer so didn’t need too many warm layers. We used cellular blankets at first but later found swaddling allowed them to settle for a bit longer.

We had 2 Chicco Next2Me co-sleepers, one upstairs in our bedroom and one in the living space downstairs. The Chicco was great for us because:

  • It can be used as a co-sleeping crib attached to the bed, so your babies are within arm’s reach at all times…
  • But with all four sides it works perfectly as a standalone crib, too. The mesh panel gives breathability and you can still keep an eye on your babies.
  • The height is adjustable at both ends, which was really useful as both our twins were quite sicky, so sleeping on a slight incline helped.
  • It’s easy to manoeuvre.
  • Research shows that newborn twins who sleep in the same cot co-regulate their body temperatures and their sleep patterns.

They shared one Chicco Next2Me crib, side by side, until about 3 months of age, when they became too big and were disturbing each other. We still wanted to follow the guidelines to keep them in our bedroom, so after a furniture reshuffle, we used one of their cot beds in our bedroom from 3 months until 6 months. At first they slept side by side, with their feet to the bottom of the cot, then as they grew we moved them into the ‘head to head’ position.

After this they went into their own room and separate cot beds, and began to use sleeping bags as they had more space.


Douglas and Arthur in their ‘Woombie’ swaddles, aged 10 weeks

Whichever type of bed you choose for your newborn twins, it’s important to always follow guidelines for safety, I’ve linked below to some useful information:

Safe Sleep guidelines from the Lullaby Trust

Link to TAMBA Safe Sleeping for Twins Factsheet

NHS Twin Sleep Guidance

ISIS (Infant Sleep Information Source) has a useful infographic on co-bedding twins 

Sleeping Arrangements with our Newborn Twins


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