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Two Little Misters

Dear Douglas and Arthur – A Letter From Today

Dear Douglas and Arthur, We went to a new playgroup today. It was in a cavernous hall, and within 10 minutes was absolutely filled with toddlers, babies and adults all milling about. Not that it bothered you. There was…

Newborn Twins Schedule Free Printable

Free Printable: Newborn Twins Schedule

When we arrived home from the hospital after 12 days in the NICU, it’s fair to say we were shattered. Thrilled to be home of course, but very, very tired. The boys were still small (Douglas was 4lb 8oz…

Douglas Reading Ten Little Dinosaurs

Mini Milestones #1

One of my main motivations for starting this blog was, (fairly obviously), my two little misters! I wanted to have a record of their early lives as they grow and change so quickly! Since it was confirmed that Douglas is developmentally delayed…


Douglas’s First Session With The Pre-School Team

We’re lucky that within our local authority there is an early intervention service for children with special needs. The team of teachers provide home visits to under fives who have been referred to them. They provide advice and teaching support, giving…

Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag
Reviews Twins

Review: Piglet Changing Bag by Peanut & Piglet

There’s a common saying, isn’t there, that as a woman you are either really into shoes or handbags?! But as a mum – it’s all about the changing bag! Now that the twins are toddling, we’re able to leave…