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Living Arrows

Living Arrows 5/52

In the last week, Douglas and Arthur turned 20 months old and it suddenly feels as though their second birthday is not too far away – I’m sure they only turned one yesterday?! Also, they have started to get the…

Living Arrows 452

Living Arrows 4/52

These two LOVE bubbles. We keep a bottle on a (high!) shelf and whenever I ask if they would like some, they nod emphatically and look to the bottle. Douglas likes to have a go at blowing bubbles himself, but this…

Arthur Watching Snow

Living Arrows 3/52

Last Friday everyone seemed to be battening down the hatches in readiness for snow to hit the UK. Here, it didn’t really settle, but it was pretty as it fell. It was really too cold to go out and do…


Living Arrows 2/52

It’s been a fairly quiet week here, it still feels as though we’re yet to get fully into the swing of things and not all of our usual groups/classes have started up yet. The boys were colouring the other…


Living Arrows 1/52

I’ve admired this project from afar as it were, wanting to join in, but I thought I would wait until the start of a brand new year! Hosted by Donna over at What the Redhead Said, it’s a way…

Photography Twins

Autumn in the Park

This weekend has been a bit of a turning point. The boys’ walking has really come on. A few days shy of 17 months old and they are now getting the hang of it! (At last, it feels like…