Hi, I’m Gemma.

The Two Little Misters are my twin boys, Douglas and Arthur. I set up this website as a blog when they were still tiny newborns who slept a fair bit in the daytime. (And crucially, while not asleep, they stayed in one place.)

Now, they are three-year-old whirlwinds who need a bit more stimulation than the Hide and Squeak Eggs and the Jumperoo have to offer.

Spending hours trawling apps and the web for classes, activity ideas and places to go, I often thought it would be great if there was just one place pulling all the information I needed, together. Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to see, at a glance, what was happening on any given day? Less time planning = more time doing the things you enjoy.

So that’s what I’m aiming to create here at Two Little Misters. I hope that as a network, we can build those recommendations and snippets of information that can make a difference to others’ daily lives.

By sharing what I have learned in the last three years, along with contributions from my fellow local parents – let’s help pay it forward.

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  • Just thought I’d drop by to find out a bit more about you. Love your blog design, photography and your whole ‘about me’ page. I think I need to update mine!

  • Cat

    I love your about me page set up and how you’ve introduced your whole family, fabulous idea! I’m also a big fan of your prints – you’ll have to start that back up again! xx

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