Autumn Activity List Free Printable

Free Printable – Autumn Activity List


Apart from the last few weeks, where the summer weather began to tail off, I’d say it’s been a pretty fantastic summer. Of course, we complained that it was too hot most of the time, but a good few weeks of wall to wall sunshine was beautiful.

September is here and with the new school year just around the corner, autumn is definitely on its way!

I love the autumn – the coolness that begins to hang in the air, the smell of a bonfire, warming up with soups and stews. It’s great being outside with the kids, exploring and enjoying the changing colours, too.

I’ve designed this printable to help you make the most of your autumn and enjoy it with your family. It might give you a few ideas. There is also the added bonus of the satisfaction that comes with ticking items off a list! Or is that just me?

Print it out, stick it up on the fridge and see how many you can tick off by 1st December!

Click the link below to download!

Download the Autumn Activity List

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