Lewis of London

Lewis Of London – The Ice Cream Farm

You know how we often put a lot of thought into buying gifts for our children, only for them to end up being more interested in playing with the box? Sometimes, the same simplicity applied to a trip out can end up being as, if not more enjoyable than an elaborate, often expensive activity.  Take Lewis of London, for example. More commonly and affectionately known as ‘the ice cream farm’ it has a simple but winning formula that’s attractive to parents and kids alike (and I don’t just mean their ice cream recipes!)

First of all, take a safely fenced in, wide open, green field. Add some picnic benches. Provide an old tractor, a sandpit, playhouse, some bales of straw and some ride on toys. Finally, top it off with delicious ice cream (made with all natural ingredients and produced with zero milk miles) and you’re on to a winner! Note that I’m lacking pictures of said ice cream because it just gets eaten too quickly!

As well as ice cream, you can buy hot and cold drinks from the shop.

The only slight downside is that, for very hot days, there is little shade. Therefore, on busy days you might want to visit early or late in the day when the sun is less intense.

Throughout August you can now also explore the Maize Maze! This costs £4 for children (under 2s free) and £4.50 for adults but takes up to 90 minutes and around 1.5 miles of walking to complete. There are some shortcuts for younger children or anyone who gets lost!

Lewis of London

It’s easy to get to by car – the turn-off to Galley Lane is just by The Arkley pub. All in all, it’s really a great place to spend a couple of hours, let the kids run around and let off some steam!

Have you visited Lewis of London this summer? What was your favourite flavour of ice cream? (I’m partial to the Pistachio and Almond!)

Visiting Lewis of London

Admission: Free entry to farm, Maize Maze extra

Parking: On site (free)

Opening times: 10am-5pm daily

Address: Galley Lane, Barnet EN5 4AL

Toilets and baby change area available

For further info visit the website

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