Photography Twins

Sunshine and Showers

Sometimes, as a parent and a blogger, you try to plan photo opportunities to a T. On day trips out, you imagine capturing the perfect picture at that beauty spot you know of. You think how cute the children will look running through that field together hand in hand. Needless to say, it doesn’t always go to plan and it’s easy to get carried away trying to achieve that image in your head.

And sometimes, you just go out in the garden after tea with no plans. Your husband grabs the hose to water some plants and the children start splashing and laughing. The warm evening is bathed in beautiful sunlight as it dips in and out of the clouds. It’s a summer evening you could never really plan for, but it’s here. So you grab the camera and snap away. This is your real life and you feel so lucky.

Sometimes, the background isn’t perfect.

Sometimes, places don’t matter.

Sometimes, the best kind of beauty is just capturing joy or wonder in your children’s faces.

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