Dinosaur Land cake kit review from Craft and Crumb

Review: Dinosaur Land Cake Kit by Craft and Crumb

Earlier in the year I wrote this post introducing the fabulous cake business, Craft and Crumb. I was so thrilled to be chosen as a brand rep for them, and can now share our experience of using one of their cake kits with you!

It’s fair to say the boys love dinosaurs. I even wrote a post about one of their favourite stories a few months ago. When I saw the Dinosaur Land cake kit on Craft and Crumb’s website, I knew it was the one for their second birthday!

The kit arrived in the post and all I needed to provide was some butter, milk and a few eggs. Everything else came neatly packaged inside the box. I didn’t even need to grease a cake tin – there are disposable cake pans in the perfect sizes in the kit. I’m so used to having grand ideas for cakes and then having to compromise when I find I don’t have the right equipment. (Pinterest, you have a lot to answer for!) With this kit, I knew I wouldn’t have that worry!

As well as the ingredients, the box comes complete with step by step photo instructions to help you bake and decorate your cake – simple enough for even inexperienced bakers to follow! I emptied the sachet of cake mix into the mixer with some softened butter, and the batter came together beautifully – perfectly smooth and creamy.

Dinosaur Land cake kit review by Craft and Crumb

After baking, cooling and a couple of hours firming in the freezer, it was onto the decoration! This was the really fun part for me. The amount of chocolate buttercream  I was able to make was very generous. There’s plenty to crumb coat and liberally cover your cake without running out! (There may even have been a couple of spoonfuls left at the end to taste test, too!) My little tip for adding the buttercream would be to enlist the help of a butter knife for icing the fiddly contours!

After sprinkling the biscuit crumb ‘soil’, I added the finishing touches. I was so pleased with the end result – I think it looked really impressive. What do you think?

Dinosaur Land cake kit review from Craft and CrumbDinosaur Land cake kit review from Craft and CrumbDinosaur Land cake kit review by Craft and Crumb

And of course, let’s not forget the most important thing – taste. It was gorgeous – the sponge was lovely and light and the buttercream was rich and chocolatey. As you can see, the boys enjoyed it!

Dinosaur Land cake kit review from Craft and Crumb

I really enjoyed using this kit. It took a lot of worry out of the party planning for me. There was no need to source lots of ingredients and have the leftovers languishing in the cupboard afterwards. No panic of trying a new recipe and not knowing if the sponge will rise. I would recommend Craft and Crumb to anyone who wants to create their own show-stopping cake!

You can view the full range of Craft and Crumb’s cake kits here.

Which theme would you pick for your next party?

I received this product in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

Dinosaur Land Cake Kit Review

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