Top 10 Tips – Planning A Holiday With Twins

When it comes to planning a holiday for baby or toddler twins, it can be a minefield. Let’s face it, simply leaving the house can be an effort in itself some days! Holidays with children are a different kettle of fish to those of our pre-baby days. It’s not simply sun, sea and sand. And you can kiss goodbye to independence. However, it can still be as much if not more fun!

I can’t promise you a break from which you return in a zen-like state – but as they say – a change is as good as a rest and whatever your routine, doing it all in a new environment can feel really refreshing. You don’t have to worry about housework and laundry for a few days either!

Here are a few ways I’ve found to make the whole process of planning a holiday with twins a little easier.

Top 10 Tips - Planning A Holiday With Twins

Consider what you want to do on your holiday

Will you be happy in one place or do you want to travel around? Are you looking for a resort with plenty to entertain the whole family, or something more low-key? It sounds obvious, but consider what you want to get out of your holiday and ensure you focus on that. Being strict about what your essential criteria is will help when you’re trawling through holiday listings online and stop you booking somewhere that doesn’t tick the most important boxes.

Ask around

Use all the sources of information available to your advantage. Ask your friends, particularly those with multiples, where they have been on holiday and if they would recommend the places they’ve been to. Other twin parents can usually give tips on twin-specific equipment too, such as light-weight buggies for the airport or slings/carriers.

Take into account your usual routine

Children tend to feel more comfortable with routine and knowing what’s happening next. If you’re anxious about disrupting your children’s schedule, see if there are ways you can keep to their usual patterns where possible. This might not be so easy when travelling a long distance, but on a short trip, you could time car journeys around their current nap times. Plan to stop in time for meals to avoid the stress of ‘hangry’ children!

Compartmentalise your packing

Knowing what’s in each bag or suitcase, and where, is vital in keeping my holiday stress levels down! I’ve found these travel organiser bags so useful for this, particularly the boys’ stuff (of which there is a lot! Children don’t travel light!)

When you reach your accommodation, having your baggage organised means you can put the right bags in the right rooms, find what you need straight away and have more time for soaking up the holiday atmosphere.

Be prepared for the unexpected

As much as we plan and organise, delays happen on holidays and they can’t be helped. Keep your changing bag, snacks, comforters, drinks and toys to hand where possible! Sat-nav is always handy but not fool-proof, so a road map is useful if you’re driving somewhere new.

Think about how your arrival will be

What time might you arrive? Will there be somewhere safe for the twins to play while you unload? Discuss with the rest of your party – your partner might assume you’ll throw down your bags and head for the pool, whereas you might want to unpack first.

Make it a home from home

Recreating the sleep environment of home can help children feel more safe and secure in a new place. You might not want to travel with all your children’s bedding, but even just a blanket or pillowcase that smells of home may help. A familiar bedtime story can help set the tone for settling down to sleep.

Don’t be afraid to use technology

Download a couple of episodes of your children’s favourite television programmes, or perhaps something sensory for babies, onto a tablet. If you find yourself delayed, it can help give you some needed space to plan what comes next.

Check if you really do need to take two of everything

Holiday websites are starting to realise that as parents, our time is precious and we want our holidays to be as simple to plan as possible. Tots to Travel, who offer breaks both in the U.K. and abroad, specialise in family friendly accommodation. As well as carrying out a 30-point safety check, part of their service is an ‘essentials checklist’ of baby gear in every property. This could definitely help lighten your load and save on packing bulky items such as sterilisers and baby monitors. They can even liase with the accommodation on your behalf to assist in catering for families of twins and multiples.

Plan something for yourselves

After all of the planning and trying to make everything perfect for your little ones, it can be easy to forget it’s your holiday too! Take a new book to read during any downtime you might get, or a special bottle of something to share with your partner and celebrate – you made it on holiday with twins!

Did you find this post useful? What are your own tips from going on holiday with twins? 

Let me know in the comments!

This post is in collaboration with Tots to Travel.


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