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Introducing Craft & Crumb

For Douglas and Arthur’s first birthday, I was intent on making them a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ birthday cake. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and ordered in supplies. Once it all arrived, I spent a few evenings in a grump, trying to get it all to come together with edible glue and cocktail sticks! I had ordered many colours of fondant, much of which went to waste. It basically ended up causing a lot of stress when it didn’t go perfectly! Many of us parents want to have input on our children’s birthday cakes, but often lack the time, inspiration or skills to come up with a masterpiece. And that’s where Craft & Crumb step in!

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Who’s behind Craft & Crumb?

Kate and Louise were friends who completely understood this conundrum, and they set about making the whole process easier. Craft & Crumb’s complete cake decoration kits arrive in the post, providing everything you need to create your own fabulous cake. They even include disposable, biodegradable cake pans as part of the kits! I’m sure you’ll agree that saving on washing up is a bonus!


Craft & Crumb Photos

Louise and Kate with some of their creations – human and cake form!


From princesses to pirates, there’s a great range of themes available. The cakes are definitely not limited to birthdays either. I think the bunting cake would be perfect for a baby shower or christening.

I’m thrilled to say that Craft & Crumb have chosen us to be Brand Reps, meaning we get to try out one of their cake kits and share the experience with you. Douglas and Arthur’s birthday is still a couple of months away, and I’m keeping my lips firmly sealed for now on the theme we’ve chosen. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to get stuck in to party planning and (fingers crossed) creating a gorgeous birthday cake! So watch this space!


You can find out more about Craft & Crumb on their website

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