Valentine's Craft For Toddlers

Super Simple Valentine’s Craft for Toddlers


I have seen some amazing Valentine’s craft ideas on Pinterest lately, though I think Douglas and Arthur, at 20 months, are a bit young for most of them! So I have made a very simple craft for them for Valentine’s Day. Just a little bit of preparation on my part, and then they get to do what they do best – free painting, drawing and generally having a great time making marks on the paper. A really easy Valentine’s craft for toddlers or older babies.

Okay, so I feel a bit of a fraud calling this a project, but if you’ve got a little one under 2 who can scribble and don’t feel like getting too messy, it might be the craft for you!

It couldn’t be simpler, all you need is washi tape and some scissors on top of whatever card/paper and mark making equipment you plan on using.


Cut your washi tape into small strips around 2cm long, and then stick them onto your paper at right-angles to each other, making little geometric hearts.

Valentine's Craft For Toddlers

Then just let your baby/toddler/s have free reign at decorating the paper with crayons, felt tips or paint. (I gave my boys a selection of reds, pinks and purples to use).

Valentine's Craft for Toddlers

Valentine's Craft for Toddlers

Valentine's Craft for Toddlers

When everything’s dry, you can either leave the hearts as they are, or carefully peel them off for a relief effect.
Valentine's Craft For Toddlers

They look nice on the wall as they are, but you could always make the masterpieces into cards, or bunting if you have time!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • So fun! I wish I did this when we painted the other day!

  • Cat

    Simple, but perfect for the really little ones! x

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