Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag

Review: Piglet Changing Bag by Peanut & Piglet

Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag

There’s a common saying, isn’t there, that as a woman you are either really into shoes or handbags?! But as a mum – it’s all about the changing bag! Now that the twins are toddling, we’re able to leave the house sans tank buggy occasionally. I’ve been on the lookout for a well-designed changing bag that can be worn safely whilst carrying a child (over the shoulder bags often swing round as you bend down sending your little ones into orbit). Add in the requirement to look great and be large enough (but not too large) for twins’ needs and it’s a tough brief. Which is why the new Peanut & Piglet changing bag caught my eye.

I got chatting with a twin mum at soft play the other week (as you do when you bump into a fellow member of the multiple mum club!) She was bossing twin mama life – an upstairs soft play (no lift), on her own, with fourteen-month-old boys. Anyway, I noticed she had this bag and seeing her use it gave me FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) and I had to give it a go. Any excuse for a new bag!

Twin mum Emma began the Peanut & Piglet brand with her first product, the Piglet Breastfeeding Pillow and now the range has begun to grow.

The bag has a lovely retro-style print and one of the features that really caught my attention was the pull-out straps that allow you to wear it as a backpack. The straps are sewn in at the top of the back pocket, so no chance of losing them, (something I would definitely do). It also means it’s easy to switch from carrying messenger style to on your back. The bag is slightly narrower than our old Skip Hop Duo Double bag. However, it is also deeper, meaning it holds roughly the same amount whilst being more suited for wearing.

Emma’s experience as a twin mum really comes through in this bag. The dual internal pockets make it easy to pack for each twin and are large enough to hold an outfit change each. On the outside there are two (yes, my lovely fellow twin mums, two) cup holders. Your keys and phone can stay safe yet immediately to hand in a concealed zip pocket, which also has an elastic key strap. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the design of this bag and there’s a lot to love about it.

Peanut & Piglet Changing BagPeanut & Piglet Changing Bag Internal

The Main Features of the Bag

On the outside

  • Grab handles
  • A single adjustable strap, which allows the bag to be worn or suspended from the handlebar of your buggy
  • One large back pocket with a zip, which also contains the backpack straps
  • Two elasticated side pockets, the perfect size for bottles or cups
  • The fabric is wipeable and water resistant with a vibrant and bold graphic print

Inside the bag

  • A sturdy, well-padded changing mat in the same material
  • A concealed pocket for phone and keys, with an elastic key chain to keep them extra safe.
  • Two elasticated pockets and two smaller slip pockets
  • Zip closure across the top of the bag, keeping everything secure inside


We took the Piglet Changing Bag out to the park with us to give it a test run!
Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag being wornPeanut & Piglet Changing Bag being worn Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag being worn Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag being worn Peanut & Piglet Changing Bag on buggy

Overall – I’m really happy with this bag. The attention to detail is fantastic and everything has been carefully thought out. It’s really comfortable to wear. It’s spacious without being overly bulky and feels made to last. I think the versatility of the straps sets it apart and gives it an edge over other twin changing bags.

The Peanut & Piglet changing bag can be purchased here.


What features do you look for in a changing bag? 

This product was purchased by me for the purpose of this review. 

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