5 Signs Your Partner Likes “Hey Duggee” A Bit Too Much


All parents surely have their “go to” television show that is guaranteed to keep their little ones out of mischief for a few minutes. It’s amazing what you can achieve in one episode – empty the dishwasher, tidy up the toys or just enjoy a hot cuppa for the first time in weeks. In our house, that “go to” programme is Hey Duggee. If you’ve not seen it before (where have you been?!) here’s a brief summary:

Alexander Armstrong narrates an engaging, colourful animation about Duggee the dog. Duggee leads an activity club for a little group of animals, The Squirrels. (Who are incidentally not squirrels, but a rhino, an octopus, a mouse, a crocodile and a hippo). Still following? The stories are simple for pre-schoolers to follow, with a catchy soundtrack and enough humour to keep the adults entertained as well.

If your toddlers like the series as much as ours, you will become very familiar with every episode, which is why you need to watch out for these signs your partner is crossing that line between responsible adult and Hey Duggee superfan.

Dougie and his Duggee!

Five signs to watch out for:

  1. Whenever you are about to start on something new your partner pipes in with “Squirrels, isn’t it time for …” E.g. “Squirrel, isn’t time for … washing up?”.
  2. Whenever you finish anything, you are congratulated with “Well done Squirrel, you’ve earned your … badge”.  E.g. “Well done Squirrel, you’ve earned your ‘getting the toddlers into the buggy before they’ve managed to take their shoes off ten times’ badge.” According to your partner, this is “never not funny” – the only antidote is to reply with “you’ve earned your ‘annoying the sh** out of me’ badge”.
  3.  They answer any yes/no question with “A-Woof!”
  4.  When you’re finally ready to leave the house after changing, dressing and strapping the toddlers into the buggy single-handedly, your partner disappears off in the direction of the toilet saying “Just time for one more thing …”

 And finally…

5.    When the two of you manage to steal a tender embrace, it is invariably ruined by the phrase “ahhh, Duggee-hug”.



What are your toddler’s favourite shows and have you or your partner ever crossed that line??

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  • Nikki Rice

    Brilliant ??? ours is night garden and after nearly 5 years of watching it with big boy & now F&P Stephen can “shoot” Iggle Piggle at just the correct moment at the end!!!!!

  • Cat

    Ha ha! We love a bit of Hey Duggee in our house, but our go to has to be Bing. We get a fair few ‘It’s a Bing thing”‘s in our house! As you say, switch it on and the theme tune draws them in like the Pied Piper. I may or may not have put a couple on back to back to get things done in the past, but sshhh! xx

  • Sarah

    Just add in when you hear your partner laughing hilariously in the next door room, and go through to find him watching an episode of Hey Duggee ON HIS OWN.

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