Review – BabySonic Electric Toothbrush by Brush-Baby

From the moment Douglas and Arthur’s first teeth cut through at 10 and 7 months respectively, teeth brushing has always felt like a battle. Teething is a rough ride and yep, teething twins is as bad as it sounds!! Up until recently the boys still hated cleaning their teeth, whether we did it or let them help, lying down or sitting up, or even holding a toy for distraction. When bedtime comes around and you’ve already been awake for 13+ hours, you just want a calm routine as much as possible!

Whilst I was in supermarket looking for new toothbrushes, I noticed the BabySonic Electric Toothbrush by Brush-Baby and thought I would give them a go. I didn’t even know you could get electric toothbrushes for toddlers!

I told John and he was firmly in the sceptical camp – with the view that if the boys didn’t much like the feeling of a static toothbrush, that they would hate an electric one! I’m pleased to say he was wrong! Douglas and Arthur love them!

The brush comes with 1 x AAA battery to get you started, and two brush heads – one for babies and one for toddlers up to 36 months. The brush provides powerful but gentle cleaning – I found the bristles far softer than on our old manual brushes. The white light is not only useful to see where you (or they!) are brushing, but it gives the brush added fun value for kids. Like some popular adult toothbrushes, the BabySonic has a timer for two minutes, with pulses at each thirty-second interval to allow you to give each quadrant of the mouth the same attention. Douglas and Arthur aren’t brushing for the full two minutes yet but I think it’s great that Brush Baby are helping to foster good habits early on. I can now worry less about their teeth being cleaned properly.





I’ve added the name labels to tell the brushes apart, though by the looks of things I needn’t have bothered!

This is probably a first – Douglas and Arthur caught sharing on camera!


Who needs Mummy when your brother can do just as good a job?!

The RRP for the BabySonic toothbrush is £8.99. Replacement brush heads are around £3.75 for two. You can find out more from Brush-Baby’s website here.

Overall I’m really glad I purchased these toothbrushes and can’t see any downsides as yet – anything that means fewer tears after breakfast and at bedtime is fine by me!



These products were purchased by me for the purpose of this review. 

All written content and images are my own.

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