Where We Are – 13 Months Old

My blog has been neglected yet again, for varying reasons (or perhaps, excuses). Generally speaking I am getting more solid blocks of sleep now so I can’t blame sleep deprivation. I suppose there are still confidence issues too but I am also struggling with a lack of imagination at the moment. So in the spirit of creativity breeding creativity, here I am again. Time to put down a few words as a snapshot of life with Douglas and Arthur as they are now at thirteen months.

The boys have been crawling for a couple of months and pulling themselves up so when playing at home they love standing wherever they can, with the help of drawers, cupboards, sofas or high chair legs! Alternatively the toy storage is a good place to stand, to rifle through the drawers and fling things out onto the floor.

It’s lovely when there are activities the boys can share in – for example the VTech Pop and Roll Ball Tower as they sit either side of it and push the balls in together. I have also demonstrated some pushing/pulling to them with a laundry basket!

They both love playing ‘Where’s Mummy Gone?’, when I hide behind the kitchen counter and surprise them. Or if I place a scarf over my head and ask the question, one or both will pull the scarf off of my face.

Arthur is beginning to communicate quite well, with sounds that seem to ask for help, or tell us to look at where he is pointing. When he finds the television remote, he knows to point it to the television. He loves to wave and clap, and tries to put on his socks.

Douglas has begun to engage in some back-and-forth play, such as pushing a toy off the side of the bath, looking for a reaction, and repeating. He has the best facial expressions and babbles mainly in soft ‘rararara’ sounds with the odd ‘mum/mama/dad’ thrown in, with some raspberries too.

Naps are still short and inconsistent. The less said about those, the better. Moving on…

Nights are okay-ish. We are still generally disturbed by the odd noise once or twice. Both are early risers generally, but Arthur is the worst culprit, currently waking and chatting between 4:50-5:30am. Sometimes we manage to persuade him to snooze for a bit longer, but not always. In any case – lights do not go on, and it is not morning, until 6am!!

I grabbed the camera at bath time this evening to take a few snaps. Despite all its challenges, thirteen months is a pretty fun age. 🙂


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