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How to Survive a Heatwave With Twins

It’s been the hottest day of the year so far today. We’re having a mini heatwave, the ones we get in the UK, you know? Those heatwaves where, after much complaining of poor weather, we are hit with summer at full pelt and suddenly don’t know what to do with ourselves.

The temperature in the boys’ bedroom has hit 29C this evening, too hot even for a vest. Knowing that, with nothing on, they’d take off their nappies; I’ve improvised. Tonight they’re sleeping in Christmas pyjama bottoms with the legs cut off!

But anyway, when you’re hit with wall to wall sunshine, you’d sure as hell better get on and do something with it. Otherwise, before you know it, it’ll be a dreary, damp November and you’ll be wishing you’d made more of those summer days. Even if they were ‘too’ hot.

We got outside and splashed in some water, with jugs, spoons, cups and bath toys. A simple thing, but the boys were happily entertained for a couple hours across the day. And it kept us all cool for a little while.

How have you kept cool during this heatwave?

Heatwave With TwinsHeatwave With TwinsHeatwave With TwinsHeatwave With TwinsHeatwave With Twins


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