First Birthday

Dear Douglas and Arthur,

I just wanted to write a little about this week, as we’ve celebrated your very first birthday. You are too little to remember it but you might want to know, when you are older, what it was like. So here goes.

There have been many firsts this week.

We went on our first holiday. And it felt really special, being just the four of us away from home. We stayed in a lodge in the woods, which you loved exploring. You sat in a trailer on the back of Daddy’s bike and we cycled you around the park. We went swimming twice and you both loved floating down the ‘Lazy River’ in your floats. You had a birthday tea of pasta and meatballs, then tasted ice cream for the very first time. (Douglas, you had a few spoonfuls. Arthur, you didn’t seem to like it at all!) You sat on the sand and felt it between your toes. (And then ate some, too). We went on bike rides just because. You took everything in your stride.

Then today, we had your party. We didn’t expect it to, but the sun shone, so we spent lots of time outside. You tried out your new trike – Daddy and Grandad pushed you around the garden! You played with cousin Jake and Livvy. We all ate sandwiches, crudités, crisps and fruit kebabs and then came inside for cake. Mummy and Daddy helped you blow out your candle. Then you opened piles of lovely presents – too many to play with today. You are very lucky.

And so are we.


Twins First Birthday Party

Happy First Birthday, boys.

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