3 Useful Apps for New Parents

Pre-babies, I was pretty fond of my phone. It was a great alarm clock, handy for the odd photo, and games passed the time whilst waiting for hospital appointments. (And of course, it was pretty handy for, you know, what it was originally intended for). Post-babies, I feel lost if I am not in the same room as my phone! While juggling twins, it’s the easiest link I have to the outside world and since I started blogging, social media has become ever more important. But there are also a few useful apps I’ve come across. Here’s a quick run-down…

LALALAB (ex Polagram) by Invaders Corp

I mentioned in a previous post that I was given a beautiful scrapbook as a present when the boys were born, and I thought it would be a lovely place to record some of their first memories. Now, as I’m sure many new mums will agree, we take gazillions of photos of our new bundles on our phones, but then what? I know I certainly didn’t have time in the early days to upload them all to the computer, sort through them, and then upload them for a second time to a website to order prints. Here’s where LALALAB comes in! In just a few steps, you can order prints from your phone, to your door in around a week. The square prints were perfect for my book. LALALAB isn’t just for prints either, check out the rest of their range! Here’s a page from my scrapbook, created with help from LALALAB! (And some washi tape from my collection!)




NCT Babychange by Axon Publishing

When you start getting out and about with your baby/ies, even if you are visiting somewhere you know really well, it can feel like a whole new experience! There are bumps in the pavement, steps and narrow doorways you never noticed before. But at least with this app you won’t get stuck for a place to change your baby! The app pinpoints your location using GPS and Apple Maps and shows you where the nearest facilities are. Such a simple idea but so useful!

Sound Sleeper by Michael Feigenson

This is an app I used every day in the early weeks! When the babies had been changed, fed, winded and cuddled on repeat and nothing seemed to settle them, often a bit of white noise would do the trick! There are lots of different sounds on this app, including one which mimics the whooshing blood flow and heart beat sounds of the womb. The hair dryer worked best on the twins though!

Did you have any must-have apps as a new parent?


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