If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have read about my pram mishap this week. Wednesday started well. I had successfully navigated my way through the morning routine. The babies were both fed, burped, changed and dressed. I had showered, dressed and applied a 2-minute make-up look even the beauty bloggers would envy. (Okay, maybe not the last one – more like a haphazard application of concealer under my eyes and a bit of blusher to take the edge off the pasty, sleep-deprived skin). I had eaten breakfast (an entire bowl of cereal)! I pushed back the curtains and delighted in the bright sunshine after two days of rain. Ah, what a lovely morning for a walk! Extra layers of clothing were applied, comforters were fetched, shoes were put on and eventually, the buggy manoeuvred out of the front door about half an hour later! Turning my face towards the sunshine after locking the door I smiled and thought to myself ‘I am owning this! I’m winning at twinning!’ Off to the park we… oh, crap. I looked down and one of the tyres on the buggy was completely flat. Back in the house we go, cue babies crying.


Turns out a tiny shard of glass was the culprit. In the evening, DH managed to repair the puncture but I also ordered a new set of tyres, as I realised in those few minutes how easy it is to take the buggy for granted! Yes – it’s heavy and cumbersome, but show me a twin pram that isn’t! It gets us from A to B -and smoothly too. Any mums reading this will surely empathise – we do not take kindly to being stuck in the house all day without a choice!

Lesson learnt. Heed my advice and have a back up plan where possible. This is just another of those things that you don’t even think about until it happens. So, if you have air-filled tyres and can afford to keep a spare set around, do! Especially if you have more than one baby and don’t have the option of a sling or carrier.


PS – Shout out to the website ‘Direct2Mum’ where I ordered my new wheels from, who offered free next day delivery, tracking and a one hour delivery slot that was actually fulfilled! Hurrah!

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