Past, Present & Future

I think I spark mild irritation in my husband when I overuse the phrase “This time last year/month/week…” But I can’t help it – I love reflection. It might be a little embarrassing to admit, but I have actually kept calendars from the last few years, just so I can look back from time to time.

Some things are emotionally tough to recall, but they also remind us of what we have overcome. The contrast between two periods of time can be so great and it’s all a part of progression. For me, reflection is a chance to check in with old ambitions, take stock and keep planning for the future. As my babies grow and change so fast, I try to be mindful of soaking up their vulnerability, their innocence, and the gentle emergence of their personalities whilst I can. I know that I will want to connect with those mental snapshots when they no longer need me.  And I tell myself – they will never be as small again as they are today.

I suppose there has to be a fine balance in the mind between the past, present and future to have a healthy outlook on life. But if we don’t look back, how can we see how far we’ve come?

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